What do we offer?

We have deep specialist sector knowledge and have a range of services to accommodate our customer’s different timescales and budgets. We maintain a unique community of candidates who are seeking employers that offer more than just a salary and a blue-chip brand.

As a result Harmonic can offer our customers a refreshing contrast to the shortlists they may receive via more corporate Search and Recruitment companies. We understand candidate’s motivators and personal values, leading to high retention rates and returning clients.

Through a well-honed process, we get to know our clients thoroughly before making introductions and carefully select the right candidates for each role, making everyone a winner.

Our Services

Executive Search




Consultant CFO

Let’s make no bones about it: we expect high standards. Harmonic Group is going places, and quickly.

You should therefore expect to work long hours when needed, and not be too phased by the prospect of competition. The upside? Our rewards and career progression are like nothing else.

Deliver and display the competencies required: you are promoted, regardless of age or time served. Commission? Market-leading and uncapped. And our incentives go far beyond the usual recruitment-industry staples: think VIP music festival attendance and NYC trips, not Jaegerbombs in the local.

Harmonic offers the best training and coaching, bar none.

We are committed to developing our colleagues and their careers. Our academy consists of classroom-based, online and on-the-job training.

Through providing a structured plan in the first 12 weeks of their recruitment, and ad-hoc training throughout their career, we ensure our colleagues feel confident to perform their role exceptionally, whilst developing their professional skills.

In other words: you’re never on your own when you join us.

We spend a lot of time understanding workplaces, so it makes sense that we have tailored our own to be buzzing, luxury environments that promote outstanding performance.

The vibrant and diverse locations of our Camden, Manchester and Boston offices facilitate hard-work and creativity, and are exciting places for our employees to spend their in-office days. We want our team to be proud of where they work, and in return they give their all to their roles.

We act differently to other agencies, only engaging with clients who align with our values of: knowledge, respect and community.

Purpose always comes above profit. We have fostered a culture that is rooted in these values and this is reflected in everything we do as a business. We could have taken a more corporate and short-term approach, but we decided this just isn’t us. Instead, we promote a relaxed and productive community atmosphere in our offices, that is conducive to happy colleagues and clients. What’s more, we are currently on-track to achieve B-Corp certification.

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