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My Pick of the Top Non-Alcoholic Brands for your Dry January 2023

Drinking alcohol has no doubt been a staple in society and the alcoholic drinks market is massive. However, since the pandemic, we have seen a rise in people wanting to have alcoholic alternatives that don’t lack flavor and sophistication.

Drinking alcohol has no doubt been a staple in society and the alcoholic drinks market is massive. However, since the pandemic, we have seen a rise in people wanting to have alcoholic alternatives that don’t lack flavor and sophistication.

The nonalcoholic drinks market in North America is evidence that consumers are choosing to make a healthier alternative to their weekend drinking rituals. In 2022, sales of nonalcoholic spirits grew 113.5%. By 2028, this market is expected to surpass $1.7 trillion according to market experts.

Having decided to partake in Dry January, I have hand picked some of my favorite nonalcoholic drinks’ brands. These beverage companies are already making a large splash in the market and no doubt will continue to show success throughout the year.

Curious Elixirs – Brooklyn, Ny

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Curious Elixirs is a non-alcohol craft cocktail range which has sophisticated the zero-proof market.

Handmade, using adaptogens, fresh ingredients and with no refined sugar, these cocktails prove that well-crafted drinks do not need to contain alcohol.

This brand has exquisite flavors and drink combinations. My favorites include the Sicilian Spritz, Pomegranate Negroni and the Smoked Cherry Chocolate Old Fashioned.

Each Curious drink has a purpose to either relax you when you want to wind down or give you an energetic boost when feeling a little low.

Ritual Zero Proof - Chicago, Il

Ritual Zero Proof believes in the laws of balance. This spirit alternative was not created to replace alcoholic liquor, but it was meant to be an addition to your drinks cabinet for when you want a break from alcohol but still want a delicious, well-crafted drink.

Ritual Zero-Proof has four liquor alternatives which include alternative Tequila, alternative Gin, alternative Rum and alterative Whiskey.

We also love that Ritual Zero Proof is an ambassador for sustainability and wants to make a difference by using sustainable packaging, plastic neutrality, and supply chain optimization!

Figlia – New York, Ny

The founder of Figlia, Lily Geiger, says that as she’s gotten older, drinking doesn’t feel the same as it used to, but that non-drinkers are sometimes seen as outsiders when out at a bar/restaurant.

Figlia is a non-alcoholic aperitivo. There are two products so far to choose from which include the canned Fiore Frizzante, a sparkling mix of Fiore and lemon. The second product is the Fiore which mixes floral flavors with bitter and aromatic. The idea is to mix both Italian gardens with New York City hustle and bustle.

I love this brand, from its amazing packaging and brand material to the idea that you don’t need to drink alcohol to enjoy yourself.

Kin Euphorics – New York, Ny

Founders Bella Hadid and Jen Batchelor have risen to the challenge of altering the alcoholic drinking ritual. Kin Euphorics wants drinking to be an act of taking care of yourself by connecting your center and finding a better balance. Using adaptogens, botanics and nootropics, this drink will give you a different kind of buzz.

Kin Euphorics has had incredible success in the beverage market. With its wide range of drink options, great taste, and very inviting branding, we are sure Kin Euphorics is going to disrupt the beverage industry!

Aplós – Miami, Fl

Aplós has created a Hemp infused functional spirit to mix in any way you deem satisfactory. Aplós Calme and Aplós Arise are the two products on offer, both crafted with unique flavors and blends which set Aplós aside from your average drink.

The Aplós philosophy is that with our lives moving so fast so take pleasure in being drawn from the single things that surround us. By drinking this non-alcoholic beverage, you are wasting no time by being hungover, therefore you gain more time to sit and enjoy life.

I am so excited to see Aplós thrive in the beverage industry, its design is chic and sophisticated and no doubt this company will do incredible.

Liquid Death Mountain Water – Santa Monica, Fl

Liquid Death Mountain Water is a no BS alternative to alcohol. Its mission is very simple, to kill plastic pollution and drink more water. With multiple different flavors, Liquid Death Mountain Water is taking the drinks market by a storm.

There is a lot more to this brand than meets the eye, with its very cool merchandise, Timewaster 5000 video blogs, and they have a Liquid Death Country Club awards system to join, this immersive brand is making drinking non-alcoholic drinks fun!

We look forward to seeing where this company is going to go this year and what success they will have.

Athletic Brewing Co – Stratford, Ct

Athletic Brewing has had incredible success in building its brand as beer without any alcohol. This craft brewery produces beer using healthy ingredients for more health-conscious consumers.

The founder Bill Shufelt is an ultra-marathon runner who wanted to combine an active lifestyle with his passion for craft beer.

The popularity of this non-alcoholic beer company has allowed Athletic Brewing Co to expand overseas to the UK. The brand also gets its name out by sponsoring sporting events and supporting athletes.

Swoon – New York, Ny

Swoon is a zero-sugar simple syrup that gets its sweet flavor from monk fruit. Swoon is such a vibrant, colorful brand that will attract customers just by its enticing packaging.

Not only does Swoon sell sugar-free mixers that will go perfectly with non-alcoholic liquor, but it also has lemonades, iced teas, matcha lemonade, and its original simple syrup.

Founded by women, Swoon was created to change the idea that sugarless means flavorless or that living a healthy lifestyle means you must miss out on anything. Also, the Co-Founder Jen was diagnosed with diabetes, so she saw that growing up there were little-to-no zero-sugar drinks. Jen has done an amazing job at finding a gap in the market, and filling it.

Betty Buzz – New York, Ny

Blake Lively has entered the non-alcoholic market scene by creating a range of non-alcoholic mixers. These mixers are high quality and show that liquor doesn’t always have to be the main component of a drink.

These low-calorie mixers come in a few different flavors including Tonic Water, Meyer Lemon Club Soda, Sparkling Grapefruit, Sparkling Lemon Lime, and Ginger Beer.

We are really excited to see how Betty Buzz does in the non-alcoholic beverage scene.

WithCo Cocktails – Nashville, Tn

Founder Josh Ellis quit his job in 2019 to fully commit to his WithCo Cocktail range. These beautifully designed bottles contain strong flavors that are designed to be paired with your drink of choice.

Including Mocktails such as Agave Margarita, Ginger Mule, Bloody Mary, and anymore. These drinks contain no alcohol but are still packed with the traditional flavors.

This premium drink range has already had incredible success when in 2021 WithCo became Amazon’s top-selling cocktail mix. We are so excited to see how WithCo is going to continue growing its business and showing the beverage market that non-alcoholic drink mixers are here to stay.

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