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Deliver-who? Food delivery services to watch out for this year

Trips to the post offices, banks or the high street to sort out your ‘life admin’ are now things of the past with the emergence of brilliant technology and automation taking care of things… nothing new right?

Trips to the post offices, banks or the high street to sort out your ‘life admin’ are now things of the past with the emergence of brilliant technology and automation taking care of things… nothing new right?

The average Joe can now do everything through technology, which once upon a time would constitute an afternoon going from post office to bank to Woolworths (remember that place?) just to complete simple tasks.

Having always been accustomed to a weekly routine of heading to the local Tesco’s for the weekly shop, one day something changed. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to wander down a high street and to support local businesses but like many but my consumer habits changed during lockdown - we all experienced the queues and shortages early doors, as well as the anxiety of being around others with a pandemic going on.

Like many I found myself scouring the web for alternatives to supermarket deliveries (which were horrendously backed up and slow) but also to see what was new and emerging. Whilst most of us are aware of Gousto or HelloFresh, here is my list of ‘ones to watch’. The list includes brilliant businesses who have continued to grow throughout lockdowns and offer us consumers choice, delivered right to our doors (including meal plans, detoxes, plant-based diets and even daily multivitamins or supplements!).

These businesses include brands which aren’t currently stocked in supermarkets but are brilliant in their own right which, as a consumer, can leave us feeling good knowing that we are supporting the British food industry and entrepreneurs.

We only have to take a short look across the pond to USA to see how huge the ‘delivery box’ space has come, and with UK taste and experts calling for increased growth – watch this space! All brilliantly simple, carefully sourced, efficient and here to stay. Try them out and tell me I’m wrong 😉 !


Winners of the Great British Food Awards in 2020, it is no surprise that ByRuby continues to establish themselves as front-runners in the food subscription industry. Their founder Ruby and co-founder Millie met whilst both working as chef’s at Chelsea-based restaurant Finns. ByRuby pride themselves on sourcing fresh, local ingredients with the consumer in-mind. Buying British wherever they can, meals are prepared fresh everyday at a high standard and are popped in the freezer to lock in nutrients. ByRuby realise that people want to eat high quality and nutritious food, but don’t have the time or energy to cook from scratch. Creating delicious meals at a restaurant standard is what has caused their success.

Detox Kitchen

DetoxKitchen is a London-based, health-focused meal subscription service. All of their meals are free from wheat, refined-sugar and dairy. So if you’re looking for a menu that is centred around clean, transparent ingredients, they are your people. They believe that the food we eat has every effect on our health. Through eating the most clean, unprocessed and trustworthy foods, you can be the best version of yourself everyday.

DetoxKitchen pride themselves on sourcing 80% of their produce in the UK with full traceability, meaning you know exactly what you are eating. 80% of their meals are plant-based, ensuring a variety of vitamins and minerals in each meal. They balance macro and micro nutrients within each dish and prepare meals in their kitchen within 24 hours of delivery. They also have detox meal plans, so if you’re looking for a quick reset before any summer plans, then check them out.

Love Yourself

Many of us have experienced the disappointment felt when breaking a diet plan you’ve tried so hard to keep to. Love Yourself is a meal subscription and diet plan service that allows you to choose your specific diet plan and receive meals delivered right to your door - taking the stress and planning out of dieting. This food service prepares food daily before delivering, ensuring only high-quality and fresh meals. There aren’t any additives, preservatives or processed foods in these meals and to help you on your weight loss journey, each meal is scannable on MyFitnessPal.


A little bit of a different service, WeAreFeel provides luxury vitamins, delivered straight to your door. Endorsed by Cheryl Cole, these supplements give an alternative to your run of the mill vitamin, being catered to specific needs and requirements. Having trouble sleeping? There’s a vitamin for that. Want better digestion? There’s a vitamin for that. All of WeAreFeel’s vitamins are non-GMO, vegetarian and vegan friendly and don’t contain unnecessary ingredients. As a business, they believe strongly in transparency, and the idea of consumers understanding exactly what they’re putting in their bodies. If you’re a health conscious person who wants high-quality vitamins, then WeAreFeel could be for you. You can buy vitamins at a one off cost, or pay a subscription for a discount of up to 50%.

It’s clear that the online food delivery and subscription industry is changing. As we ease out of the pandemic, people are seeking healthier ways of living - as a means to feel better and focus on wellness. This industry is born out of necessity for quality food or supplements that are convenient. Subscription services like the ones above, are easy to use and provide an alternative to unhealthy fast-food options whilst still being delicious and nutritious.

DC and with thanks to Serena Haththotuwa

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