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Celebrating values-led agencies

It’s becoming increasingly important for modern companies to stand for something beyond healthy profits and sales.

Celebrating values-led agencies

It’s becoming increasingly important for modern companies to stand for something beyond healthy profits and sales.

Clients and consumers are expecting more from corporations, and many businesses are now using their influence to deliver genuine social change - not just increased revenue.

At Harmonic, we’re delighted to have recently earned our very own B-Corp certification. The B-Corp movement recognises businesses that strive to make a positive impact, from nurturing an inclusive workplace to helping protect the environment.

It’s hugely important to celebrate progressive agencies that are working to support employee well-being, strengthen local communities, and preserve the planet. Not only do these businesses deserve recognition for their efforts, but their achievements might also inspire other companies to follow suit.

With that being said, we’ve pulled together a handful of top-tier values-led agencies who are making a real difference through their work.


ELVIS is an integrated creative agency with a mission to support ambitious and progressive brands.

The business has worked alongside a wide range of established clients, from Cadbury to ODEON, and has delivered exceptional campaigns in a number of different categories.

ELVIS prides itself on ‘unexpected and unforgettable’ executions that are fuelled by creativity. However, it’s not just external client work that the agency deserves praise for.

Internally, the agency has been working diligently to focus more on ‘people and planet’ and not just profitability. As a result, ELVIS was recently awarded B-Corp status, which marks a huge milestone for the business.

In the words of Caroline Davison (Managing Director and Sustainability Lead at ELVIS):

“Ultimately B Corp is about systemic change, and the more businesses working towards B Corp certification, the closer we are collectively to achieving that goal.”

Nice and Serious

Nice and Serious is another values-driven creative agency that has built its business proposition on a set of clear principles.

Not only is Nice and Serious B-Corp certified, but the agency also places a strong emphasis on working alongside progressive clients and producing meaningful work. The business uses a ‘Moral Compass’ tool to identify briefs that align with its core values, and is also an official ‘London Living Wage Employer’.

In 2021, the business also launched a scheme that offered one small charity a year-long partnership, allowing it to use the agency’s creative resources and industry platform to promote its cause.

Nice and Serious summarises its philosophy on its website:

“Advertising has a remarkable power to create change. But let's be real – right now, it's not doing us any favours. It creates false needs and fake desires. It claims the world is on fire, then chucks more fuel on it.”

The agency is a brilliant example of a company that doesn’t just speak about business principles - it implements them in every aspect of its offering.


RPM creates brand experiences that influence culture, communicate meaningful messages, and engage consumers.

The agency has delivered over 10,000 projects in more than 40 countries, for a range of global clients and household names. However, these creative executions aren’t just focused on showcasing products and generating sales - many of these campaigns also strive to make an impact.

For example, RPM partnered with Innocent Drinks to produce a multi-year campaign that revolved around rewilding and regenerating 2 million hectares of land by 2025.

RPM has also launched several company initiatives that are intended to drive positive change.

In 2021 the agency achieved B-Corp status, pledging to ‘do the best we can for our people, our clients, and the planet”. The business also set up a ‘12 Days Of Giving’ scheme last year to feed and support vulnerable members of the local community.

GOOD Agency

GOOD Agency is a business that certainly lives up to its name, having worked alongside various global brands and charities to launch purpose-led campaigns.

The agency has helped charities to raise over £1.5bn in funding and tackled pressing issues ranging from animal welfare to cancer awareness. The company has also worked on projects that cover every Sustainable Development Goal set by the UN, helping to address global challenges such as poverty, gender equality, and sustainability.

GOOD Agency also runs its own podcast, ‘GOOD on Purpose’, which celebrates values-driven individuals and provides them with a platform to share their messages.

The company doesn’t just incorporate socially-conscious ideas into its wider offering. It has built an entire agency around these core ideas and created a mission to deliver work that genuinely makes a difference.


Purpose is a highly successful creative agency and strategic consultancy, but that’s not all - in its own words, the company is also a ‘social movement incubator’.

The agency uses the power of brand storytelling and creative thinking to deliver messages that matter, from shifting public opinion to accelerating policy change. Campaigns have addressed many different global issues, from gun violence to racial inequality.

These campaigns have also earned a lot of praise from various industry organisations. Most recently, eight of Purpose’s social impact campaigns were recognised as finalists in The Anthem Awards, which celebrate outstanding mission-driven work.

One of the most impactful executions from Purpose was ‘Verified’ - a global campaign designed to combat misinformation around COVID-19. The initiative was launched alongside the United Nations, reaching over 1bn people around the world and gaining a tremendous amount of press coverage.

The Drum - Social Purpose Awards

Alongside the agencies that are striving to deliver positive social change, it’s also important to celebrate the industry bodies that are showcasing their work.

The Drum’s ‘Social Purpose Awards’ shine a well-deserved spotlight on agencies that are helping to make the world a better place. Several categories appear in these awards, including diversity and inclusion, environmental causes, and social purpose.

The Drum states that these awards are designed to “celebrate the people and brands making a positive contribution through socially responsible marketing globally.”

These types of awards are incredibly important in both acknowledging values-led agencies and encouraging other businesses to drive social change. Advertising has the power to influence millions of consumers and change public perceptions, and it's vital to celebrate companies who are harnessing this power in the right way.

All of these values-driven agencies prove that businesses don’t need to sacrifice profitability to achieve social good. It’s possible to create value for stakeholders while also maintaining strong principles.

We’re extremely proud of our B-Corp status and are delighted to be joining the other agencies that are committed to responsible business practices.

For Harmonic, the B-Corp certification reflects our core commitments as a recruitment agency - a passion for charity work, dedication to employee wellbeing, and open support for important social causes.

If you’re interested in working alongside a B-Corp certified recruiter with progressive clients and candidates, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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