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Cenex Review 2022

The 7th of September saw the return of Cenex-LCV2022, celebrating the latest innovations in low-carbon technologies and showcasing some incredible zero-emission vehicles.

Cenex Review 2022

The 7th of September saw the return of Cenex-LCV2022, celebrating the latest innovations in low-carbon technologies and showcasing some incredible zero-emission vehicles.

Over 200 exhibitors shared state-of-the-art carbon clean technologies, including groundbreaking fuel cell solutions, EV charging, electric powertrains, and more.

The event was attended by major industry leaders, along with UK government officials and key manufacturers.

Some astounding technology was on show at Cenex-LCV2022, from ultra-efficient EV charging solutions to 100% electric commercial vehicles and trucks.

We were spoilt for choice when it came to zero-emission innovations, but we’ve pulled together a selection of our favourite pieces from the event.


Tevva utilises industry-leading battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell range extender technology to create zero-emission transport solutions.

The company fuses the cost-efficiency of battery technology with the fast-recharge capabilities of hydrogen to develop highly sustainable vehicles. Tevva trucks focus on optimising range and driver experience while also helping to reduce the environmental impact of the logistics sector.

OX Delivers

OX has taken a slightly different approach to the electric vehicle industry. The business is focusing on reaching approximately 3 billion people in emerging markets who have never purchased a new vehicle.

The OX strategy revolves around laying the foundations for zero-emissions transport in developing countries, simultaneously boosting economic growth and reducing environmental damage.

OX trucks are also designed to be as accessible and affordable as possible, opening up incredible opportunities for clean transport and logistics in emerging markets.


Riversimple creates affordable and accessible hydrogen-powered vehicles, and recently launched its most innovative car to date.

First unveiled in February this year, the Rasa is a piece of truly groundbreaking vehicle technology. The car emits a tiny amount of water in transit, and will achieve the equivalent of c250 mpg - plus, its hydrogen fuel can be replenished in a matter of minutes.

Riversimple has already received a significant amount of funding, which will be used to open two new manufacturing plants - one to facilitate commercial production of the Rasa in 2023, and one to focus on the development of a new hydrogen van.


Electra produces zero-emission vehicle technology that’s designed to facilitate cleaner city-centre deliveries.

The goal of the company is to create 100% electric commercial vehicles that can make clean and silent deliveries, reducing both disruptions to city residents and damage to the environment. This kind of technology will be vital to the future of delivery and shipping services, and fundamental to keeping modern cities running around the clock.

A number of different speakers and government officials were also present at Cenex-LCV2022, giving talks on their business propositions, renewable technology breakthroughs, and grants being made available to potential investors.

Below are a couple of the most interesting talks that we attended.

Flexible Energy

Flexible Energy is a Yorkshire-based designer and supplier of advanced Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions.

Their Bendy Bedale Bollard is a damage-resistant EV charging bollard that’s able to withstand the knocks and bumps of everyday life. Flexible Energy’s products are fast chargers that blend in seamlessly with existing street furniture - known in the industry as ‘hidden infrastructure’.

The Bendy Bedale Bollards are commercial products that are best suited for workplace, on-street, destination car park and fleet charging environments.

Indra Renewable Technologies

INDRA is on a mission to create a more efficient way to power EVs, using smart EV chargers that are simple to understand, easy to install, and straightforward to use.

The company has produced a wide range of innovative EV chargers that are already installed in over 4,000 home and commercial environments worldwide. INDRA focuses on producing charging solutions that are more reliable, more convenient, and more efficient.

INDRA’s national installer network also means that its EV chargers can be easily installed in various home, work, and commercial locations around the globe.

Cenex-LCV2022 was a hugely engaging event, packed with insights around the future of zero-emission solutions and filled with exciting examples of clean vehicle technology.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the industry - roll on Cenex-LCV2023!

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