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7 E-Commerce B-Corps to Watch

As consumers become increasingly aware of societal issues, their shopping preferences are also changing. Many customers are now gravitating towards online brands that focus on social purpose alongside profit.

7 E-Commerce B-Corps to Watch

As consumers become increasingly aware of societal issues, their shopping preferences are also changing. Many customers are now gravitating towards online brands that focus on social purpose alongside profit.

Although high-quality products are obviously still key to success, a genuine passion for tackling issues such as sustainability can help to elevate a business in the market.

That’s no surprise when you consider the current landscape of e-commerce and retail. Every year, a staggering 5 billion pounds of waste is generated through online shopping.

B-Corp certified brands in particular are receiving a lot of positive attention. The B-Corp certification is awarded to businesses committed to meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability and performance.

In the world of e-commerce, several B-Corps are quickly distinguishing themselves through their innovative product offerings and dedication to sustainability.

We’ve pulled together 7 of the most promising and fast-growing brands to watch in this space. Read on!


Dai is a sustainable clothing brand that’s all about empowering and supporting women rather than restricting them. The business achieved B-Corp status in October 2020 and has continued to work on making a positive impact since then.

Dai focuses on creating comfortable clothes for active, high-performing women. But it also has a clear mission to address the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

According to the founder, Joanna Dai:

"When I started Dai, I was completely uninformed of the polluting impact of fashion until I began researching and creating our supply chain. In being the architect of a new company, I saw an opportunity to do better, lead, innovate, educate and empower, to drive positive impact to the world."

Dai has certainly made big strides in this area. 72% of the business's suppliers are powered through renewable energy sources, and it offsets carbon on 100% of shipments.

However, Dai isn’t just active in the sustainability space. Gender equality is also a major priority for the brand, and the company board and investors are 65%+ female.

Wilton London

Wilton London strives to create ‘cleaner’ cleaning products for the home, from laundry detergents to multi-surface sprays.

The business achieves this through environmentally-friendly products, recyclable packaging, biodegradable formulas and a lack of chemical ingredients like synthetic dyes.

Plus, Wilton London uses all-natural essential oils to create its product fragrances and avoids the artificial (and sometimes bizarre) scents used by many competitors.

As a B-Corp certified brand, Wilton London claims that “it's more than just smelling clean - we all want a clean conscience too.”

The business has brought some much-needed innovation into the cleaning product market and is continuing to develop fresh products to reduce environmental damage.


Dame has a goal to create reusable and sustainable period products, alongside facilitating easier access to health information for young women.

Many period products rely heavily on using plastics that are harmful to the environment, in everything from applicators to the packaging.

Dame recognised this and committed itself to making a change. The B-Corp brand focuses on developing products such as biodegradable wrappers and reusable tampon applicators that significantly reduce environmental impact.

Dame also aims to bring open conversations around periods into the mainstream, removing any social taboos by providing women with quick access to educational resources online.

The website even features a period calculator that provides users with practical advice on more sustainable shopping habits.


Nudea is an e-commerce underwear brand that aims to make a difference.

The brand has a few key principles that are centred around a sustainable and eco-conscious product offering. Nudea utilises recycled materials to create its bras, as well as using recycled (and recyclable) packaging.

Plus, products are created based on customer demand to reduce unnecessary manufacturing, and the business helps shoppers to extend the lifespan of their purchases.

Nudea underwear is also available in 43+ different sizes, contributing to the body-inclusive ethos of the business.

The brand is also keen on supporting local communities. Nudea only works with responsible suppliers who pay a fair living wage and deliberately chooses to manufacture locally.

This combination of body positivity and sustainable manufacturing has earned Nudea a B-Corp certification and quickly distinguished them in the market.


Luxtra has struck a perfect balance between luxury fashion and eco-friendly manufacturing.

The vegan B-Corp business is dedicated to creating beautiful bags that are sustainable and ethical. Luxtra has even received the official stamp of approval from PETA.

The business has previously used unique plant-based leathers to create its products, including materials sourced from apples, cacti and pineapples.

The world of luxury fashion has been notorious for environmentally damaging practices in the past. Luxtra is reversing this trend through smart product innovation and an open commitment to sustainability.


Spruce is another brand making big waves in the cleaning products market.

The business has created refillable cleaning products that use non-toxic ingredients alongside sustainable packaging. Spruce bottles are made from recyclable lightweight aluminium that avoids the common issue of single-use plastics.

Consumers can easily refill their bottles with water and combine them with 100% plastic-free and compostable sachets - meaning the entire refill process is eco-friendly.

The company won ‘Best Eco-friendly Cleaning Brand’ in Marie Claire's 2021 Sustainability Awards and has also been recognised by other organisations for their efforts in this space.

Spruce has also partnered with Plastic Bank to support plastic waste collection in high-poverty coastal regions. With such a clear commitment to environmental issues and innovative cleaning products, it’s no wonder that Spruce has achieved B-Corp status.

Leo’s Box

Leo’s Box makes it easier for consumers to shop in a sustainable way.

The B-Corp business allows shoppers to access a wide range of eco-friendly products through a monthly or yearly subscription. Leo’s Box exclusively works with suppliers who are focused on sustainability, gender equality and business transparency.

By showcasing products from these suppliers, Leo’s Box enables users to make a big difference to the environment with every shop - while also supporting local and independent businesses.

Consumers also receive their chosen goods in a recyclable cardboard box, meaning even the deliveries are sustainable. This is a brilliant example of a simple idea that can have a significant impact on both the local community and the wider environment.

These B-Corps aren’t just creating unique products that effectively address environmental challenges. They’re also e-commerce brands that are in a strong position to drive rapid growth and expansion. Sustainable solutions and business success aren’t mutually exclusive, and these businesses are proving it.

Here at Harmonic we’re also working on securing our B-Corp certification in the near future. We pride ourselves on maintaining an inclusive, positive and community-minded company culture.

If you’re looking for support to grow your finance and operations teams or would like to work with similar B-Corp businesses, please get in touch at or call 0203 773 3530 to hear more about potential opportunities.

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