Consultant CFO

If you’re a company that requires the knowledge and expertise of a great CFO, but doesn’t require them on a full-time basis, then a part-time portfolio CFO or FD is the best option for you. We have a community of CFOs who are able to work between 1-5 days a week, on a month to month contract, or a project by project basis.

A CFO is often the best service for organizations who intend to invest in their finance team but need to know more about the status quo before investing. Our part-time CFO services include: fundraising prep, commercial modelling, and a finance health check of your entire business. Clients range from early-stage start-ups, family businesses and Venture Capital funds. Please call us to discuss further.

How we work

Our process has both client and candidate needs at the heart of it.

Finance Health-check

We will provide Financial planning and budgeting, along with support throughout fundraises and creating pitch decks to help get the business in an exit-ready position.

Finance Process Evaluation

Review all processes within the finance ream to ensure they are as streamlined as possible.

Framework Building

Framework building, advising clients on how to build and structure a finance team to support with the next phase of growth.


Ensuring that new processes and personnel are embedded to leave clients with a legacy they can build upon. And a function that 'just works'

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